Noi-Noi, your best friend.

Life is a grand adventure and who better to share it with the Noi-Noi?
Spanish for ‘best friend’, your Noi-noi handbags and accessories will be right by your side as you venture forth.
Noi-noi, Always by your side.

The Home sweet home, Fall Collection
This season, your Noi-noi bags take you away and bring you and your belongings home safely again with this new Home Sweet Home collection. 

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The Check me, back to school Collection
We’re proud to present our very unique line of Noi-Noi Collectables and our new style guides! All handmade and fair trade, as shown on our video.

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The Noi-Noi studio!
Noi-Noi Studio is the place to be when you would love to design your own hand bag. And how cool would it be if your design would actually be produced? All is possible in our Noi-Noi studio.

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Video, Check me! NBTS

The back to school collection Check me! That’s Noi-Noi’s way of saying goodbye to the well-know tartan print. Taking it out of it’s comfortable context and reprint it in bright colors with even... Read More

Video Spring

This summer, close your eyes and let your mind wander to the beaches of Havana with the new canvas summer collection. Noi-Noi. Always by your side. Read More

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