Welcome to Noi-Noi Studio!

Noi-Noi Studio is the place to be when you would love to design your own hand bag. And how cool would it be if your design would actually be produced? All is possible in our Noi-Noi studio, so why not give it a try?
Down here we got you some inspiration about how you can start. Download the design sheet and complete them the best you can. Then scan and mail it to info@hi-di-hi.com or, if you feel it’s more easy, post it to the following address:

Noi-Noi Studio
Bachplein 591
3122 JM, Schiedam
The Netherlands

We would love to enjoy your designskills!

When we choose your design, you will be invited to our studio and take part in the development of your very own bag. On top of that, you’ll receive not one, but two bags for free so your best friend can enjoy it as well. That’s double fun! Download and fill out the design sheet. You can download here an example. Have Fun!